Griswolds and a Gun

Summer and the family road trip. To bring a gun or not.  That is the question.  On one hand you should have the right tool when you need it, rather than just grabbing the 2 year old’s sippy cup or the Mini Mag light.  On the other hand, once you get to a point where you need it you may not want to go down the road lethal force self defense.

There are a lot of freaks and crazys out there, and Hollywood would have you believing that crazy red-neck meth-heads would kidnap you or your family to get a Doughnut King ransom.  Not sure about the ransom, but crazy meth-heads accosting you in the middle of the night in your tent is for real.  Been there.  Did I need to use force and kill them?  No. Did I have a gun? No.  Did I wish I had one?  Yes and no.  If I had, I might be writing this from Pound-you-in-the-ass prison.  Then again, where does self-defense start/justifiable homicide begin and county jail end?

I’d still rather have it.  Make damn sure I don’t use it. Then not have it and watch my kids get killed in front of me.  So I just lock it up, pack it away, and sleep a bit better knowing I won’t be a victim.

State Lines.  Yes there are all kinds of laws, and no I don’t know them.  Since the Griswolds probably aren’t going to get searched when they get stopped for speeding, I’ll just keep my mouth shut about weapons.  Here are the transport laws in plain English from  The Shooter’s Log



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